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updated June 1, 2002

Old car pictures: Chevrolet

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Index of Chevrolet ads and pictures

1952 Chevrolet ad

1956 Chev convertible ad
1956 Chev 4DR ad
1956 Chev 4DR HT ad
1956 Chev 210 ad
1956 Chev 210 "Sooner and safer"

1957 Chev ad
1957 Chev 2DR ad
1957 Chev 4DR ad

1958 Chev 'Almost too new to be true' ad
1958 Chevy ad
1958 Chev Biscayne 4DR
1958 'Chevy Feeling' ad

1959 Chevy ad

1960 Chev 2 Door HT

1964 Chevelle convertible
1964 Chevelle Malibu SS
1964 Corvair postcard

1966 Chev ad
1966 Chev convertible aerial view ad
1966 Chevelle SS ad
1966 Impala 2DR HT

1966 Corvette

1967 Corvette
1967 Corvette 3 X 2V

1968 Coupe
1968 Malibu Coupe
1968 Malibu 4DR sedan

1970 Camaro ad
1979 Chevy Caprice ad



The Old Car Manual Project

Some general information:

What is "the old car manual project"?

The idea is to scan manuals for old, vintage or antique American vehicles and their components and make them available on the web, for free.

Why are we doing this?

Why not? But really - one of the hardest parts of restoring or servicing old machines is getting decent technical information. Often, it's difficult, impossible or expensive to obtain. We think that this kind of information should be freely available, as a public resource for the preservation of our industrial history.

Who are we?

We are some guys who like old iron. We can be contacted at

The Old Car Manual Project


Guys that like old iron
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